Saturday, May 13, 2017

st-Art-ing the Life Cycle

Here are a few art activities we did while waiting for our caterpillars.
Using styrofoam sheets I carved a leaf pattern,
the children used it to make prints.
The child above asked for coloured paint after making her leaf.
She added a caterpillar.
Which was an awesome idea and other children copied her idea.
Next we did the same process and made flower prints.
Then another day we used straws to make flowers.

 And finally on the day our larvae arrived we made little caterpillars to add to our
bulletin board.
 We often put out pipe cleaners and beads because the children
love stringing them together.
I love watching them increase their fine motor and eye-hcontrol.
When they finished making their caterpillars we glued them onto the bulletin board.