Thursday, May 5, 2016

Transforming Airplane to Fire Truck Part 2

Our next step was to convert our Buffalo search and rescue plane to a fire truck.
The propellers and wings needed to be removed first.
Then we started to paint.
Day 1 and the painting was completed we started to work on the inside.
We added a steering wheel on a table with foot pedals below it
as well as some seats.
Of course a fire hose was a necessity.
Day 2 and I put out materials to help decorate the outside of the truck.
Wheels, ladders and lights were made.
 I attached a bell in lieu of a siren.
I set up an area with information that we received from the fire station
and the clothing fire fighters wear.
Finally we finished with a thank you card for 
fire fighter Jonathan and his crew
that did an awesome job.