Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Visiting a Garden Centre

This week we visited one of our local garden centres.
I visited last week and took some pictures so I could create a scavenger hunt.
As the children arrived they picked up a clip board and started touring
the green houses looking for the items that matched the images.
By providing a do it yourself scavenger hunt the families
didn't have to worry to show up at the same time.
Many of the children stopped to enjoy this water feature.
It made a nice sound.
After they finished the hunt they headed to the hedge maze.
There they found some instructions and a basket with blank booklets.
Throughout the maze I hung pictures, ink pad and a stamp.
They were meant to help the families find their way through.
I put them at intersections like arrows.
When they found a picture they took out the stamp and ink pad
and stamped their booklet.
When their booklet was full then they made it to the middle of the maze.
It was an achievement to make it through and then climb the platform 
to look at the whole maze.
Once everyone made it through the maze we enjoyed a snack and story.
I set up the snack area under the platform because the weather
was uncertain if it was going to rain or not.
But as we finished our story and started to sing some songs the sun came out.
If you have a chance to visit Paradise Garden Plant Centre, take
some time to go through the maze
it is a lot of fun.