Thursday, January 23, 2014

Polar Play

Last week we moved from exploring Penguins and the South Pole to polar bears and the Arctic.  Here are some of the activities we’ve done for Arctic.

   jan 20 005 jan 20 023
       Sensory tables – one full of fake snow and other with rice.

jan 7 007 jan 13 026
                                   Small world play.

                      jan 23 022
jan 22 010 jan 23 001 
                    A new fingerplay with stuffies to play it out.

jan 20 004 jan 20 009
  We built igloos at the art table using styrofoam bowls and packing peanuts.

                   jan 17 050
    jan 20 007 jan 21 006
        While continuing to build our igloo a big polar bear moved in and
                   that provided an invitation to play inside.
jan 22 009 jan 22 018
    We added the pillows for comfort and now its a hide away for quieter play.
  jan 22 040 jan 23 014
               Time to be alone with the bear or to make a fort.
       jan 23 026
This afternoon I added a blanket underneath and smaller pillows.  I’m not sure if we’ll add any more jugs to the top but will focus on making a bit more of a tunnel
                                       out the front.
         jan 22 007
               I like the coloured lids on the inside of the igloo.