Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Snail Slime Painting

As we watched our snails move around their garden we noticed shiny spots on
                    the screening that covers the garden.
        It gave me the idea to try to replicate it at the art table.
I made our own snails out of shell snails (I think they are used for escargot)
                  with pieces of sponge hot glued into them.
Pieces of window screening was taped to cardstock, so it wouldn’t slip around
           and to catch the slime as it oozes through the screening.
       Then they slid the snail across the screen leaving a trail of colour.
Sometimes more than one snail would leave their mark on the screen and
                               the colours would blend.
The size of the snails were perfect for gripping which made it easier for the
                                   younger children to use.
You are probably wondering what we used for the slime - clear corn syrup with
                                      food colouring mixed in.

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