Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tray Plays from January

A whole month has gone by and I haven’t posted any of our Play Trays. 
Here’s a blitz.
jan 7 004   jan 7 003
Match the coloured hat to the snowman with the same coloured scarf.
jan 9 005  jan 8 012
Build a snowman with foam circles, hats, and scarves.
jan 9 032 Xs & Os game.
IMG_2751 jan 16 004
Using tweezers to pick up pom poms and drop them into a container.
jan 1 073 IMG_2822
Button search.  Find the buttons that are parts for a snowman.
jan 16 049  jan 18 021
Nesting dolls that are unfinished.
jan 21 033 jan 21 037
Cats and dogs and a balance scale.
jan 18 034 jan 21 011
Big fuzzy pipe cleaners and a strainer.
jan 21 016 jan 24 017
Hammer and golf tees in styrofoam.


  1. Hey Maureen!
    I love that we get the chance to learn with the strongstart buddies. I think the Fairy doors we made will turn out really well! Thanks for the oppurtunity.

    1. Hi Summer
      I think the doors will be great too. I'm looking forward to hearing the stories we'll write together about them.

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  3. Hi there, do you make your printables available anywhere? I love that snowman idea.

    1. The snowman printable is from Shelley Lovett's Childcareland site