Friday, February 1, 2013

Animal Tracks Compilation

jan 28 024
Here is a glimpse into our study on animal tracks.
jan 21 019  jan 21 022
We began by looking at our own tracks. 
Their size, shape and features.
jan 21 036
Our feet or hands were painted depending on the
comfort of the child.

jan 22 007
We spent a morning at the beach looking for tracks and
making tracks in the sand.

jan 24 008 jan 24 005
And we used the same plastic track moulds from the beach to
paint tracks at the art table.

jan 28 022


  1. I was wondering if you would do a study on 'Giraffes' with your students? My 4 year olds want to learn about them. We live in Oklahoma, is that just too abstract for them?

    Holly Chenault

    1. Hi Holly, I'm hoping we'll continue with our animal exploration and move onto 'wild' animals. Meaning jungle and safari type animals. Watch for it in the next month. Thanks for following along.