Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Drawing Silhouettes

jan 29 001 
Today’s art was an attempt to draw the children’s silhouettes. 
But the children weren’t interested in just sitting. 

So a quick change up and the children were drawing
animal silhouettes on paper on the wall.
IMG_3283 IMG_3284
It took a few tries for them to figure how to position their
bodies to draw while seeing the image.  I was impressed that
they didn’t give up.

 IMG_3316  IMG_3317
It took a few tries to follow the edge of the silhouette rather than the
shape as a whole.  They could recognize their animal when done.

IMG_3328  IMG_3327
Finally, one child showed interest to have his own silhouette drawn.
IMG_3329 IMG_3330
I like how his aunt finished off his details, right down to the picture
on his t-shirt.

IMG_3289  IMG_3290
Interest wasn’t always art based.

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