Thursday, September 9, 2010

Where does the food grow?

We were busy working in our garden when a question was asked. Where does the apple grow?

Did it grow in the ground or on a tree? Her answer made me think of how we could play with this.

So today I used the only tree that we have in the room (a palm tree) and tied baskets from it. The baskets were used to put in the food that grows above ground then a basket was placed on the bottom to represent what grows under the ground.

The baskets filled up fast.


  1. Could you tell me how you made the palm tree? I just love it.

  2. HI Angie
    We used metal stove pipe. My husband attached it to a round piece of wood. I painted the pipe brown and covered the wood with felt. The branches are made with wire clothes hangers covered with green felt. He punched holes in the the top of the pipe to attach the branches.