Monday, November 22, 2010

First Snow

This weekend was our first snowfall of the season. Everything is beautifully white outside. So I decided to make one of the play areas white too. I brought in a big white sheet and covered the riser by the block area. Set up a little town, added snowball pompoms and watched the play happen.
I added thin magnets to some of the poms so they could build snowmen.

Snowballs everywhere.


  1. This is a great idea to add magnets and build snowmen! What a fun way to celebrate the first snow fall.

  2. I like the magnets idea as well. These fluffy snowball pom poms are so cute :)

  3. Unfortunately they don't stick on the pom pom for very long and I had to keep an eye out when they fell off so no little one would pop it in their mouth.
    Maybe if I glued gun it on instead of just relying on the adhesive it may be stronger.