Friday, February 11, 2011

Making Pretzels

This week we made pretzels.  I love making bread, the feel of the dough and the smell of the yeast reminds me of warmth, love and home.

The recipe is easy and doesn't require a rising time so we could use it right away.
It was so much fun...

patting it,

poking it,

sharing it,

rolling it,

making balls,

making snakes,

and using tools.

The end results were various shapes and sizes.

We brushed beaten egg on the dough before baking so they turned a  lovely brown when baked.
It was delicious!
 And as bonus it was fun to see what happens when you  brush your floured hands together.


  1. I love the graphic for your recipe. Did you make it or purchase it? Looks great! And the pretzels look even better!

  2. I received it at a workshop I took on cooking with special needs children. Last night my husband used the same recipe for our pizza crust. It's so easy to make.