Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Squeeze Bottle Painting

I was thrilled to find a recipe for salt dough painting at Family Fun website.  A couple of weeks ago when I was on the main land for a conference I was shopping at Daiso (a huge $2 store) and found some squeeze bottles with multiple tips.
So today we mixed up a batch of the Drawing Dough and gave it a try.
The recipe is so easy.  Equal parts of salt, flour and water (2/3 cups of each) and then add paint for colour.  Although we did find with those measurements that the dough was way too thick for the little ones to be able to squeeze out of the bottles so we added more water.
Everything made and gathered we were set to go.

 Look how hard he's trying - love the focus.
And the grown ups were amazing.  I've been focusing on having my goals for the crafts available to them and they definitely responded today.  The big goal for this activity was to build the fine motor muscles in their child's finger.  Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze!  It was a really hands off activity until a child asked for help.
 Can you see the blue streaming from the bottle.  So much fun.
Once the squeezing was done we brought out some tools and sparkles.

Even the littlest ones were given an opportunity to squeeze.
But he preferred to put it in his mouth, luckily it was the bottom and not the tips.


  1. Ooooo... great idea! I'm gathering our squeeze bottles and letting Henry have at it! :)


  2. i do /make this paint around once a year and it will last a while like a few months in the bottle . i just close them and put in plastic bag . So you can pull and use at other time . Like easter eggs i will be making some for the holiday . love the muti tips very cool. onlt draw back it take a while to dry