Friday, February 25, 2011

Warming Tray Crayon Art

Look at the art work that happened at our centre today.

I think these are the most beautiful pieces of art work that I have ever seen.  It's the glossy shine that they have that I appreciate the most.
We used warming trays, big and small, to melt crayons on paper.
I pushed the table back against the wall so all the cords could safely be out of the way.  I had quite the concern of someone getting burnt during this project.
Watch how this little guy quickly understood what was happening.
Mom encouraging him to hold the crayon in place to begin the melting.

Once he figured it out mom got into it herself.

Adding more colour and sometimes laying the crayon flat.
The smaller mug warming trays were a little trickier and they sometimes needed assistance to hold the paper in place.

We did learn where was the safe place to hold on.
Although he learned from experience that when the crayon melts that wax is still hot.  Ouch to his fingertip.
We used tools to help move the melting crayons around or to make designs.

We also noticed that the colour separated from the wax and the wax spread much farther than the colour.
We will definitely do this art exploration again very soon.


  1. I love how mom got involved too! I am going to see if I can find some kind of warming trays here to try this.

  2. I found all of these trays at Thrift stores so it makes it quite inexpensive.
    I know when I found a hit is when the parents really like it - their positive energy flows to their child.

  3. I saw this type of project in an art book just this last weekend and thought it looked fun. I love the way it created art. I also like how much the kids had to focus so they would be careful. Sometimes with art kids tend to just do and not focus. This helps them to slow down a little.

    I am now a new follower on your blog! So glad you shared this at my link party!

  4. I love how you got the mom involved. I remember doing this when I was in 1st grade in 1981 and things have changed since then. All I could think of is getting in trouble by licensing if I did this. However, if the parents were there for a special art project, I can see how I can pull this off.