Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Light Table Ideas

It's a snow day here, our Seuss week is on hold till tomorrow.
So I thought I would post some of the ideas we've had for our light table so far this year.

Using coloured overhead transparency sheets we cut them into different shapes so they could build and decorate a tree.

Coloured paddles, similar coloured beads and little wooden spoons to match, sort and move from one place to another.

Old slides, slideviewers and magnifying glasses for discrimination of details.

Pill boxes, little pipettes (eyedroppers) and coloured water to squeeze, load and unload then mix together.
Coloured transparent tiles of various shapes to build and create.

Coloured flat marbles and clear tubes to fill and pour and do it again.
 Coloured gel stickers, flat beads and tongs to create stories.

Old microfiche film, plastic coloured ice cubes to build.
Laminated tissue paper with spider web designs plus black and white flat beads.

Laminated pressed leaves, plastic leaves and acorns from Michaels Craft store and later the children added toy people and animals.

Black and orange flat beads, mini scoop, paper and black and orange markers for pattern building, matching and sorting.

Stuffed squirrels, mini baskets, plastic acorns for colour sorting, one to one correspondence and for feeding the animals.
I would love to hear what ideas you use at your light table.


  1. Absolutely wonderful works! Great job! Kerri

  2. We use agate slices. Found some at a gift shop and brought them to school. They were very striking with the light shining through.

  3. My favorite so far was to print photos of the children (whole body shots in action poses from recess) and then copy them in black and white onto overhead transparencies. After they were cut out the children could tell stories with figures of their classmates!

  4. Excellent idea Katie thanks for sharing it.
    This week I'm going to use the overhead transparencies to make pieces of the rainbow so they can put them together.

  5. Maureen you have some really great ides here ... thanks for letting me know about them!
    I will share them on our Facebook page.
    Donna :) :)

  6. We have just purchased a light panel for our pre-school. I have some great new ideas now thank you.

    1. Have fun with your new light panel, Nicky. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. SOOOO Awesome!!!!!!

  8. What light table do you have? I am looking to get one soon and would love information about where to get the one I see in these pictures. It looks bigger than others I've seen and would love to have one like it.