Friday, March 11, 2011

Painting on Glass

Today we made prints by painting on glass.  
I've always enjoyed painting on glass.  The brush glides smoothly across the pane.
 Easy steps to follow; paint, use a qtip to draw picture, press on paper and lift off art.

Concentration and freedom of movement go hand in hand.
Ending in textured looking results.


  1. This is cute! And it really gives kids a different experience! Thanks for sharing! :) Another thing you can do instead of using glass is to wrap some clear plastic over a cardboard.

  2. oh my, this looks SO FUN!! i'm smitten with your blog and all your fantastic ideas. following! :)

  3. Thanks I'm really glad you like it

  4. Where did you find glass with rounded corners? Awesome idea!!

  5. Hi Susan
    It's actually plexiglass and it was donated from our local health unit.
    I'm thinking of putting out a few sheets and acrylic paint to make permanent works of art for the windows.

  6. That is very cool. I love that you let them do their own art and explore the materials in this way. I have never tried this. I am excited to give it a try.

    Thanks for joining my link party!

  7. This is amazing! I love that you used glass to make prints. It's very creative! So now for a dumb question, what kind of glass do you use, and how do you keep it safe?? (Like if I did this my daughter would slice her finger open on the edge of the glass.)

  8. Hi Kate
    It's plexi-glass that was donated to us.
    The edges are smooth so unless it was broken (which would take a lot of effort) it's pretty safe and durable.