Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Paint Chip Ornaments

Every time I go to the hardware store I pick up a few paint sample cards.
There are so many things to use them for.
I've posted about using them for colour hunts.
Well I saw this idea posted on Pinterest and found the site http://paintcutpaste.com/paint-chip-gift-tags/
There are a lot of great ideas at paintcutpaste - worth checking out.
Here is our twist on the paint chip tags.
Provide a supply of paint chip cards.
 Various hole punches and coloured cards.
 Scissors with different blades, zig zag, etc.
 Watch the creating begin.

 Learning to tie a knot.
 Showing off the finished product.


  1. These are sooooo cute! I love using paint chips for activities! Thanks for stopping by Reading Confetti!

  2. These turned out cute!! I love it:)

  3. These turned out sooooo cute! I love how you are reusing paint chips in such a creaive, fun way! Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Can't wait to see what you link up next week - BETh =-)

  4. These turned out great! And a wonderful fine motor activity too :)

  5. We made a variation of these thanks to your inspiration :) See how we did them here
    I want to make more and use the punches though I think that is a super fun fine motor idea :)