Friday, January 20, 2012

Yop Snowmen

Last fall one of our little ones had a birthday party at StrongStart.
The parents brought in wonderful snacks and balloons to share.
They provided a Yop drink for every child.
As soon as I saw them they screamed snowmen to me.
So I saved them till today.
At the same time we emptied our Coffee Mate container so
I made a big snowman.
 I provided milk caps and rice so they could make 
them into shakers.
 The tiny paint brushes work well for the small details
on the small container.

Look at the following picture of two brothers 
and how their approach to painting their snowmen 
is quite different.
One is painting the outside while the other is
painting the inside.
And both are very proud of their work.

I never get tired of watching a child  work.
 Even though I'm sitting right across from him taking pictures, 
it doesn't break his focus.
 His face, to me, reads "What else does it need?"
 He was the only child to paint the lid.
It could have been because his mom glued it on first
before he started painting.
Or that is just how he saw his snowman.

Here are our snowmen looking out at all the snow.


  1. Love, love, LOVE this idea. Yop is one of our few not-made-from-scratch indulgences and I always have a few empties lying around. Thanks for sharing!

    Following you over from Show-And-Share Saturday.

  2. What a cute idea... I love that you used the tiny paintbrushes for the detail, I think we tend to always lean toward using big, chunky brushes for little ones, but sometimes it's fun to see them use something different for a change. My kids always get excited and say, "We get to use the Mommy brushes today." They think of themselves as very big and important using such special brushes :)

  3. You are right that they love using the little brushes. They are really hard to find. These were from those little paint palettes that were meant for party favours.