Wednesday, February 15, 2012

National Flag Day

Today, in Canada, is National Flag Day.
So we made flags at the art table
using the warming tray.
I covered the warming tray with foil
then let red crayons melt in a puddle.
We used a metal leaf cookie cutter, 
dipped it into the melted wax,
 then pressed it onto the paper.
 This boy took a different approach and held the cutter on the paper 
on the tray
then melted the crayon inside.
 It worked well that way.
 The leaf was printed in the middle of the paper
 then we used the crayon to decorate the sides red.
The melted crayon leaves a solid colour
compared to when you just colour without heat.
 Q tips worked well for transferring the melted crayon to the paper.
Although when the paper is off of the warming tray the wax
does cool quickly and doesn't mark well.
 For those that wanted a flag to wave
we stapled the flag to a flat piece of dowel.
Happy Canada Flag Day!

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