Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle

I hosted our monthly Storytellers group this past week and one member shared a story that was almost identical to a story I learned in college over 30 years ago.
She called it Mr Green and Mr Brown.
Mine is called Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle.
It's a wonderful story that could be adapted for many locations and topics.
The wonderful thing about this story is all you need are your hands.
As you watch the video you will see glimpses of the families around me
using their Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle to help tell the story.
Click below to watch
Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle storytelling
Have fun introducing your own Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle to your families.


  1. I loved watching that! I remember doing that with my class many years ago, and I had forgotten all about that one! Thanks for the memories. I love how it has changed a little. My story didn't have the phone call or the hugging, or the swings or the slide. I loved how we could see the grandma and her little loved one at the side. Precious!
    Thanks so much,
    Heidi Butkus

  2. Heidi that's what I really enjoy about this story, it can change to what you are doing. Imagine a parent and a little one in the grocery store and Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle are picking out what fruit and vegetables to buy - they could each other clues.
    Later this month we will be having a field trip up to the mountain to play in the snow and Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle will be doing some skiing and sledding.
    It's very adaptable.
    At our storytelling group we talked about modernizing it to use texting or facebook, but I'm not ready for that.