Monday, February 27, 2012

Orange Slice Bird Feeders

Tomorrow is our field trip up the mountain to check out the birds.
Today we made more bird feeders.
We started with fresh orange slices.
I made a little slit in the middle to thread the yarn through so later it can be hung from a tree.
We tried to spread lard on the oranges but they were quite juicy and it would just slide around.
So instead we dipped the oranges straight onto the bird seed.
Then flipped it to cover the other side.
We took a few and hung them outside on a tree.
Then went back and made the rest for tomorrow.
Looking forward to playing in the fresh snow and feeding the birds tomorrow.


  1. This is interesting, and the photos are lovely. It is amazing how the kids seemed to enjoy creating bird feeders. A bird feeder is definitely a good addition to one's garden, since it effectively attracts the birds and provides food for them.

    1. Chelle, if you check the next post you'll see the children hanging the feeders on our field trip to the mountain.
      Lots of fun.