Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Snail Moving

The snails moved into their garden today.
14 snails!
We kept nine.
I love snails, 
as I'm sure I've said on every post I've done about snails.
I love watching them move gracefully along
balancing their home on their back,
tentacles stretched with eyes searching.
Children are intrigued by snails.
 How they move,
how they feel when they are touched
or when they touch us.
How they can hide so quickly for a creature
that moves so slow.
And why do they look different?
Some have one stripe while others have many stripes.
 Our babies.
We'll probably won't see them again because
they are so small
and they'll be lost in the tall, tall grass.

The children love taking care of the snails.
Making it rain.


  1. We have a (mostly moss) garden in our sand table right now. It would be so cools to have snails there. Your kids must love checking out the snails and watching them explore their garden.

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    1. Sandi, it is amazing. Every morning the screen comes off the top of the garden and we count the snails, to make sure none have escaped, then we watch.
      Even some of the adults get a chance to overcome their fear of little slimy creatures.

    2. where did you get your snails - were they a "found in the garden" acquisition?


    3. Yes a family brought them in for us - from their garden - they were happy to get them away from their flowers.

  2. I am surprised you do not have a story about snails. Maybe you do and I just missed it. You do have the best stories!

    1. Or it's still coming, I hope to learn one soon, so keep watching.

  3. So fascinating! Thanks for your beautiful write up. Carolyn