Friday, May 25, 2012

Waiting for Chrysalis

It's hard waiting.
Especially for something as exciting as watching caterpillars change to butterflies.
So this week while we waited for the caterpillars to form their chrysalis
we made our own chrysalis.
A family had collected this container of pussy willow seeds
and they reminded me of fuzzy caterpillars.
So we wrapped them up in string for our 'pretend' chrysalis.
 It takes sometime and patience to wrap our 'pretend' caterpillars.
 And even trickier to attach them to the inside of the container.
It has helped us learn patience and understanding for our 'real' caterpillars.
Not as complete as the real thing.
This is the first year that we've actually seen a caterpillar 
in the midst of forming their chrysalis.
If you look pass the long middle caterpillar to the one right behind it,
that one is partially formed.
By the end of the morning it was complete.
 We're still waiting on a lot more caterpillars to change.
We went outside this morning to collect some twigs for them to climb on
and to make it look a little more natural.


  1. Our caterpillars arrived on Monday. Being caterpillar parents is one of my favourite parts of spring.

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  2. You are all being very patient. I can sense the anticipation :) I love that you got some twigs and things to make a more natural habitat for them. Looks like you will have lots of butterflies at some point. Would love to have you come back and share! Thanks for linking up. Can't wait to see the butterflies :) So much fun!!