Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fairy World

                      oct 4 003
Fairy World was created in our classroom a little while ago. 
It started when we found the fairy doors in a neighbouring community.
The above picture was the beginning of the provocation.
               oct 4 004
It would change and grow with each child and grown up that played with it.
oct 4 007 oct 4 008 (2)
I introduced dragon fly lights from the dollar store. 
They would fly around the Fairy World, land and light up as the children’s
imaginations soared.
oct 4 009 oct 4 008
Because it is autumn, and our colourful silk leaves are out,
fall came to Fairy World.
oct 4 020 oct 5 028
The space is large enough to allow many bodies to be involved in the play,
child and adult alike.
The shelves beside the space holds many more props to add to play.
             oct 9 016
Books were set around the play space so the children could hear stories
while being involved with Fairy World.
         oct 5 002
Thanks for reading along with our fairy adventure.
          oct 4 005
Stay tuned for more stories of a real Fairy Lane that has been
created out of doors.


  1. I would have loved that space as a kid! I used to walk through the woods near our house looking for fairy doors, and there was one tree in particular tht I was convinced housed fairies. I should try to set up a smaller-scale version of this here. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you liked it Eddie. There is another woods nearby that I'd like to visit to show the children what I always pretend to be fairy condos (fungus growing out of the sides of the trees). We may to build rope ladders for the fairies, hmmm.

  2. absolutely beautiful, Maureen. How long as this been evolving in your room?


    1. Hi Sandi, it's been building for about two weeks. I just had to clear it away so the floor could be swept (I'm fortunate to have a custodian that loves to see what is developing in the room and will work around it). But because of the bark coming off of the tree pieces it was getting messy. Today a child started to build a new fairy land - I guess fairies will never go away from our StrongStart.