Monday, November 26, 2012

Trains and Planes

nov 26 024  nov 26 031
Today was a perfect day to be outside and learn about trains and planes.
We headed to our Airpark to first investigate an old steam engine.
nov 26 027 nov 26 030
nov 26 023 nov 26 025
The bell on top still works and it was wonderful to hear it ring.

But the real attraction for the day was a walk around the small plane
air port.
nov 26 034
One our grandfathers owns an ultra light plane and he brought it
out for us to enjoy. 
nov 26 036
And we did by taking turns climbing in.
nov 26 046
nov 26 039 nov 26 058
 nov 26 059 nov 26 066
Even the grown ups were curious.
       nov 26 044
We had a good look at the instrument panel,
nov 26 069 nov 26 048
to compare it to ours at school.
nov 26 008 nov 26 006
Although we may have to create a stick for steering.

We`ll continue to play with trains too.
nov 23 059 nov 26 009

We finished the tour by watching grandpa Peter take off in his plane.
nov 26 093 nov 26 097
nov 26 098 nov 26 099
                                   Happy flying!
nov 26 089 nov 26 088
        nov 26 064


  1. Hi Maureen, We had a great outing yesterday as well. We were able to tour the CN rail yard here in Surrey. We went into the Diesel Shop and all the children got to go into an engine that was being repaired and try out the engineers and conductors chairs. We also had a rail safety lesson from the CN Police.

    1. Very cool! Great idea having a lesson about rail safety.
      Were your grown ups just as excited?
      Thanks for sharing.