Saturday, February 16, 2013

Penguin and Pinecone

 One of my new favourite books.
          feb 14 078
Love this friendship book. 
A penguin finds a pinecone and befriends it. 
But the pinecone is always cold and grandpa penguin
explains that pinecone needs to be in the forest, far far away,
if it wants to grow up big and strong. 
So penguin takes it to the forest and sadly says good bye. 
feb 14 080
The illustrator used stones and pine needles to make hearts,
                     ~representing love~
              in several places in the book.
         feb 14 079
Since I bought the book so close to Valentines Day it
inspired me to set up a table in the room to build hearts
with natural materials.
    feb 12 001
     I waffled between taping a heart shape on the mats to
         adding heart shaped cookie cutters. 
                 The cutters won.
       feb 12 011
            The cutters didn’t stay long though. 
Instead of building a heart the cookie cutter was filled up. 
   Then when it was removed it was a clump of rocks. 
                           Not a heart.
       feb 13 053
Most times the parents initiated the heart which was wonderful. 
Then they allowed the child to build from their beginnings.
feb 13 009  feb 13 010
Some were able to imagine the heart from the beginning and to create it.
    feb 13 012
       After he finished his heart he left it on the mat.
feb 13 013  feb 13 015
His friend came along and added to it.  We could call it a friendship heart.
            feb 13 059


  1. This is one of my new favorite books too! I LOVE it!

    1. We did a nature walk related to this book too that I'll post about on Monday.