Thursday, February 28, 2013


   feb 28 001
     Today’s snack inspired by the Cat in the Hat.
feb 28 019  feb 28 020
 Mini pancakes are the foundation of our hat stacks. 

                    We mixed regular pancake mix.
feb 28 022  feb 28 024
Then in a separate bowl we tinted some of it with red food colouring.
 feb 28 033  feb 28 026
While the pancakes were cooking we talked about how to build the hats.
    feb 28 025
As I was  showing a hat similar to the Cat in the Hat’s one of the
children said, “it’s a pattern”.  Wonderful.
  feb 28 030  feb 28 031
   I think we made about hundred mini pancakes this morning. 
                There are a few left over for tomorrow.

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