Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yertle the Turtle

     feb 26 115
Today’s Dr Seuss book is new for me.
It was a Christmas present this year and this
week is a perfect opportunity to use it.
      feb 26 116
Most of Dr. Seuss’ books are long and it’s
easy to lose the interest of the little ones.
So I tried to think of a way to make the book
more interactive.
   feb 20 074
Meet my story props – 30 blue egg carton turtles.
feb 26 074  feb 26 076
    It was great to have help to tell the story
   (thank you Nicole, our ECE student).  As I started
   to read the story Nicole gave each child a turtle.
   Then when King Yertle called for nine turtles
   the children came up to help stack the turtles.
  feb 26 077
   As the story continued and the king demanded more
   turtles the rest of children added theirs to the stack.
    feb 26 117
 Tomorrow the children can continue reading and
  playing with Yertle and Mack and build a stack.

 feb 26 003
  Meanwhile over at the art table the children painted
  their own egg carton turtle.
feb 26 021  feb 26 050
  Discussion arose about how younger children (3 and under)
  tend to paint in one spot. Do they only paint what they see
  Or is it because their coordination of using two hands
  hasn`t fully developed
     feb 26 056   feb 26 060
  This very young one drew a lot of attention this morning
  with her knowledge of painting.  She knew how to handle
  the brush and to apply the paint to the carton.  The mother
  was a great model for others showing that even the littlest
  participants in our program can enjoy the art table.
  feb 26 079  feb 26 101
        Meet Myrtle the Turtle and Sara the Turtle.


  1. "How can someone be that creative?" asked Phil. Army of turtles! He approves.

    1. It takes inspiration Phil - thanks for the book.

  2. This one is new to me too. I guess I'll have to head over to Amazon and order it. I love, love, love your turtles and can't wait to make them with my kiddos. Thanks!

    1. Yes it was new to me and many of the families that attend the program. It's a great message. Have fun.

  3. Thank you so much for this wonderful idea! I tried it out in my classroom and it was a total success! I posted on my blog about Yertle the Turtle and gave you a shout out for the great idea! http://catchastarideas.blogspot.com/2014/03/yertle-turtle.html Would love for you to check it out! Found you on pinterest originally, I am your newest follower! Thanks so much! : )

  4. Thanks for following along Melanie - loved your blog post and expansions you did with your class. I'll be checking back for more.