Wednesday, March 20, 2013

At the Pond

             march 20 072
   This morning we were having a huge wind and rain storm. 
      So our field trip to the pond was almost cancelled. 
        march 20 063
      But the sun came out, the wind died down and about a
                     half dozen families showed up.
march 8 081  IMG_1064
           At school we’ve been talking about visiting the pond. 
            We’ve been talking about the beaver that lives there.
march 20 081 march 20 084
Our Nature Bags were packed with a scavenger hunt, mock magnifying
glass and pencil.  I’ve been collecting binoculars and we used those for
                            the first time today.
march 20 073 march 20 082
        We searched and found almost everything on the list. 
            We found lots of evidence of the beaver chewing.
march 20 070 march 20 074
We didn’t see any Robins although we heard lots of birds and saw eagles,
                          herons and ducks.
       march 20 065
               We found buds on branches.
IMG_1068  IMG_1069
We found lots of rocks.  Some we had to dig up.  We used sticks
                           as digging tools.
IMG_1072 IMG_1076
    We had lots of fun throwing many rocks into the water. 
             Watching if they made little or big splashes.

         We didn’t find any frog eggs in the water. 
march 20 069 march 20 068
         We’ll come back another day to search again.

             We did find lots of logs to turn over.
IMG_1081  IMG_1093
               And that’s where we found a worm.

The families were excited to discover a new park and will be able
            to come back and visit on their own.


  1. Lovely post & what a perfect day out for all the families.

    1. Our weather changes so quickly here, I was impressed that these families ventured out considering the storm we were having an hour prior.

  2. LOVE all the photos!! Can you tell me where you acquired your binoculars for the kids?? I'm looking to purchase some for my kiddos. The ones I've had in the past weren't sturdy enough for long usage. These look very sturdy.

    1. Hi Barbara, I've been collecting the binoculars at thrift stores. They are all different brands and sound are sturdier than others but generally I'm pleased how good they work.

  3. What a wonderful outing. i love the mock magnifying glass! Great idea. Thanks for linking to the outdoor play party this week.

  4. What a beautiful opportunity for discovery, learning and play! This reminds me I have not taken our kids to a pond to play yet.

    I have featured this post at The Outdoor Play Party! Thank you for contributing to our linky.

  5. In addition to Monday Kid Corner, this week's theme is MUD. Brush off those archives and link them up at See you there! Jennifer