Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hot Rock Crayon Melting

         march 19 019
I was so excited to try this art using hot stones and crayons. 
Thanks to The Artful Parent for sharing this great idea.
march 19 031  march 18 018
After heating the rocks in the oven at 350 for about 15 minutes
we placed them on cardboard covered with foil.
         march 18 013
While the children waited for me to get the stone from the
kitchen they started to peel crayons.
march 18 034 march 19 009
The rocks are HOT and I was concerned that the children would
forget and grab it with their free hand so I provided mitts
for them to wear.
march 18 028 march 18 038
It was a lot of fun to watch the crayons melt.  It was almost like
painting because the crayon glided over the rock very smoothly.
march 19 010 march 18 012
The colours blend and run together in a beautiful blur.

As a group we talked about what you could use if you don`t have an oven handy.  A couple of suggestions were to use a heating pad, or a toaster oven, or even a crock pot.

A few of the families mentioned they will be repeating this at home.

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  1. Will be doing for our home school assignment tomorrow AND will bring the idea to Yosemite this weekend to do with friends, cabin kiddo activity. Love it! Thanks! Tami, Max's mom (4 1/2), SLO, CA