Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Leprechaun Rocks

       march 18 001  march 18 004
Have you heard of Leprechaun Rocks before? I hadn’t till this past weekend when I was scrolling through Pinterest and found them at Gift of Curiosity. So exciting and just perfect for the outing that was planned today.

We headed out this morning to explore the tree at Hurford Park where I had first seen the Wee Little Man disappearing.
                             march 18 042 
When we were altogether I retold our Leprechaun story.   Telling about all the mischief it had gotten into each day at school last week.
                      march 18 047
It was a gorgeous day and the children were excited to start searching.
         march 18 048  march 18 050
We checked out a few trees that we thought might have a Leprechaun living there.  One would make a good home for a troll, dark with a deep hole.  The other we found a geocache hiding by it's roots.  That was exciting.
  march 18 051  march 18 052
Then we found the tree and started searching for some sign of the Wee Little Man.
march 18 053  march 18 054
No Wee Little Man but we started to find these interesting green little mounds.   I thought they were rocks but one little boy called them eggs.
march 18 059  march 18 061
Luckily I came prepared.  I poured some Magic Brew into a pot and the children dropped their rock/eggs into it.  It started to bubble and foam.
march 18 065  march 18 066
The children found sticks and stirred up the brew then dipped in their hand to see what was left.
            march 18 067 
Out came a coin that wished them good luck.

march 18 077 march 18 070
The children continued to search and find more rocks.
march 18 072  march 18 078
We used up all the Magic Brew and each took a good luck coin home.


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    1. Barbara it was wonderful, not only the weather but the adventure. I'm imagining that a few of them will be looking around big trees in the future.