Saturday, March 9, 2013

Splatter Painting

       march 8 084
      march 8 001
march 8 004  march 8 009
We used mesh domes that are typically used at picnics to keep
bugs off the food and a flat mesh splatter screen.
     march 8 002  march 8 011
We started by using tempera paint but it was thick and clogged
the screen fairly quickly.  So we changed to waterpaint pucks with
water and they worked much better.

march 8 050  march 8 082
march 8 014  march 8 015


  1. Have you tried giving the children old toothbrushes and paint? How did it work for your classroom/students?

    1. HI Katy
      The toothbrushes worked really well on the rounded mesh domes. Better, and less messy, than flat pieces of mesh.