Sunday, April 21, 2013


   april 9 055
Want a simple machine to make with your children? 
                 Try a catapult.
march 31 007
It’s simply made with clothespins, tongue depressors, a piece of
wood and milk jug lids.  I glued it all together and set it out with
targets and pom poms for shooting.
march 31 002 march 31 004
We started using the catapult on the floor and quickly discovered
the piece of wood was too light so we needed to use one hand to
hold it in place.
march 31 010 march 31 011
But we learned to work together to hold it in place and still make
the pom poms go flying.
    april 9 019  april 8 048
The next day we moved the catapult to a table and taped it down. 
But before doing that I had to staple the milk jug caps to the tongue
depressors because they kept coming off.
       april 8 063
Thanks to Go Kid Yourself for this wonderful idea.

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