Monday, April 15, 2013

Our Flower Paintings Garden

         april 11 084
Last week we painted flowers using everyday utensils.  I showed our daffodil paintings last week so to follow are; orchids, roses and tulips.
     april 9 008
First we painted purple flowers, with the orchid as the main flower, using
drinking straws.
april 9 049 april 9 012
One end of the large straw was slit and folded back so when it was dipped in paint then stamped on paper it left a 4, 5, or 6 point mark depending how many slits I cut.
        april 9 052 april 9 053
To add stems and leaves we used an eye dropper to drip green paint on to their pictures,
               april 9 050
then used a smaller straw to blow the paint around.
april 9 062 april 9 061

Next we explored roses and used scouring pads to paint them with pink paint.
april 10 027  april 10 029
And egg cartons cut into single cups dipped into white paint.
april 10 009  april 10 010
We used the eye droppers to draw the stems.
        april 10 019 april 10 028
I found the little brown bottles and eye droppers at a recycling store in Vancouver.  They are the perfect size for the little one’s hands.
april 10 031 april 10 032

Lastly we painted tulips.  I found this idea at Blog Me Mom.
 april 11 050 april 11 047
Forks are dipped into paint then pressed on to paper to make the flower.
april 11 034  april 11 046
I made stem shapes from foam meat trays and glued a clothespin to the back for easy dipping in the paint.
april 11 086 april 11 087

I guess we could of called all these paintings ‘kitchen’ art since all the implements
could be found in that room of the house.
        april 11 083
            How does your art garden grow?

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  1. A beautiful indoor garden.
    I am going to have to try the tulip fork painting. Looks pretty cool.