Friday, June 21, 2013

Ocean Guessing Game

Do you remember the memory game we use to play as kids?  
Take one item away and lift cloth to guess which one.
It was a favourite of mine.

Here's the how-to-play.
june 12 189
Place several items on the table, talking about each one,
june 12 191
place a cloth over top,
june 12 192
everyone covers or closes their eyes,
june 12 199  june 12 194
you remove one item,
june 12 193
and they guess which one is missing.
It’s great for working their memory skills and paying
attention to details.
june 12 198
I’ll challenge them by taking two or three objects away at once.
I encourage the families to play this at home with household items;
fork, spoon, cup, etc.


  1. What a great game, Maureen! Please consider sharing this at the After School Linky party on my blog (either last Monday's or this coming Monday):

    1. I'm SO glad you linked up to this week's After School Linky Party, Maureen. I'm featuring your activity tomorrow; stop by to check it out and share other amazing ideas!

  2. I do a version of this, too. It is great fun. I will sometimes ask the children to give me the sound the animal makes instead of its name. That way they have to stop and think before blurting it out. I will also insert a surprise animal that does not fit, like a dinosaur. A little cognitive dissonance goes a long way. I also tell parents to do it at home and to sometimes switch roles, so the child gets to hide an animal and the parent has to guess which one---or two or three---is missing.