Monday, June 10, 2013

Spud Harvest 2013

june 10 019 june 10 020
We were very excited to get out to the garden this morning to harvest our first tub of spuds.  The plants are drooping now but were still taller than some of the little ones.
      june 10 021
We dug in to feel for potatoes.  But soon decided it would be easier to pull off the tops first.
june 10 027  june 10 030
Once the tops were off we started to dig again.
june 10 033  june 10 036
Many hands made quick work at finding the spuds.  We had to dig deep down to the bottom of the tub.  There may be some still at the very very bottom.
june 10 040  june 10 042
As we dug we found some of the original seed potatoes that started this adventure.
       june 10 044
We took our bounty into the school to count them.
june 10 048  june 10 058
After a good scrubbing, using toothbrushes, we counted them.  Our first tub produced 42 potatoes.
june 10 062  june 10 066
             june 10 068
After sorting them by size we determined there were more medium sized potatoes than large or small.

Time to cook.
june 10 107   june 10 072
       Cut and boiled potatoes for our first taste test.
      june 10 079
 june 10 083  june 10 084
From raw to boiled, from garden to taste.  Tomorrow we’ll make potato bread.
Next  week we'll harvest our second tub with our grand friends.

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