Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Leaf Hunt

This week we walked in to our forest to look for four
          specific leaves.
      oct 7 051
This is our fourth week walking down the same path. 
      Each time we have a different goal. 
       oct 7 039    
Each time I notice more children are taking the lead
            in the adventure.
oct 7 033 oct 7 034
Checking their findings as the grown ups are there for support.
oct 7 032 oct 7 043
       And sharing the experience together.
         oct 7 035
We are very fortunate to have this lovely woods just
        out the back door of our school.


  1. Hello, Strongstart!

    My name is Faith, from Ms. Smith's class. I just want to say how I love to see all the art projects you guys are doing, they're so artistic!
    I agree, we are very lucky to have such green surroundings. Very good for capture the flag! Last year, Ms.Smith took out her class to make poems and draw. There's a post about it on Huzzah!, If you wand to take a look.
    I love how your program is helping the kids bond with each other, and the adults around them. These posts make me smile so broadly, there's almost no room for my ears!

    I hope your all smiling every day!

    1. Hi Faith, thank you for your comments. My job does make me smile all day - it is a lot of fun.
      I'll check out your class blog to see what happen in the woods.

  2. Hi Maureen,
    My name is Darian and I went on a scavenger hunt for plants and we went in the forest. At my old school in Whitehorse but we were allowed in it but there was a boundry. Some people made forts. I found a lot of caterpillars. I hope you have fun on whatever you do next. Bye -Darian

    1. Hi Darian, I have visited Whitehorse a couple of times to visit my brother. I imagine that some of the plants would be different there than here on the island.
      Tomorrow we are going for a walk in the woods to look for spider webs.