Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sticky Bright Holiday Lights

      dec 3 013
This morning I mixed clear corn syrup and food colouring to
                     make paint for dipping.
               dec 3 012
The children dipped the back of the spoon into the sticky
         paint and then pressed it on to the paper.
dec 3 020 dec 3 035
     The paint is very sticky so it took two hands to make the
     prints.  One to press the spoon down then lift it up while
               the other hand held the paper down.

       dec 3 038
      This child made her lights into a colour pattern.
dec 3 023  dec 3 024
    This child started by drawing shapes and then filling them in. 
              It makes the lights pop off the page.

      dec 3 019
      dec 3 021
       dec 3 037
        A few samples of what the children created.

       dec 3 047
With the lights that were left at school I used to decorate our
                gingerbread play house.

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