Monday, January 6, 2014

Laundry Time

jan 6 001 jan 6 003
I was busy over the holidays making a new toy, a washing machine.
It's simply made from a cardboard box, a basket, milk jug caps and tape.
I really enjoy making toys from recyclables and cardboard boxes are easy
                             to get and very versatile.
I was inspired to make the washing machine from this post at Craftster.

          jan 6 002
One corner of our classroom has been transformed into a laundry room. 
                  It has clothes to sort into bins,
           jan 6 025
                a rack to hang the clothes to dry,
           jan 6 023 
                      and a ironing board.

The children spent a lot of time this morning figuring out how to use it.
   The lid was too floppy so I added the ribbon this afternoon.
    jan 6 020
     jan 6 028
              jan 6 038
The washing machine will probably find a permanent spot in our
         house play area in a couple of weeks. 

Have you used a cardboard box to make something in your program? 
Do you have a favourite blog that recycles boxes into toys that you can share?


  1. Hi Maureen!! I love this idea, as I do many of your ideas!! I will be making this washing machine for next week's "3 Little Kittens " who washed their mittens - so purrfect for us :0).
    How did you attach the caps for knobs - paper fasteners?
    Thanks a million!!
    Heather Allen (ps. we will have kitten ear hair bands , and many pairs of mittens, as well as a grandma knitting a pair of mittens sitting in the room. I'm excited!! Maybe some pie too!!............

    1. Oh wow that sounds like so much fun. Would love to see photos of it all.
      Yes the knobs (milk jug caps) are held on with long brad fasteners.
      Have a great time.