Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Penguin Shuffle

                   jan 7 035
Story time today started with the book Five Little Penguins Slipping on the Ice by Steve Metzger.  It’s a version of Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.
          jan 7 024
After the story I handed each child ‘penguin feet’ (paper plates, the cheap kind) and we waddled around.  The paper plates allow us to slide easier on the carpet.
   jan 7 017 jan 7 018
I introduced a short little song that I found on CanTeach, called Penguin Shuffle.
            jan 7 032
“Penguins shuffle, shuffle, shuffle to the left, left, left.  
Penguins shuffle, shuffle, shuffle to the right, right, right.  
They give a little wiggle, 
they give a little hop.  
Then they waddle around the iceberg till its time to stop.”

Here’s a little video showing us doing the Penguin Shuffle.

I also put together this version to use on the felt board.
       jan 7 037
The penguins are attached with velcro so they can come off as we say it.


  1. The penguin shuffle looks like WAY too much fun.

    1. It's so easy and they loved it. One parent emailed me this evening that her daughter taught her older siblings how to do it and they used cut toilet paper tubes for feet.

  2. OMG how perfect! Mind if I borrow your awesome ideas Maureen?
    I owe ya one!
    I'm doing penguins next week! I'll send you some fun stuff too but I love the link to the songs and the dance is great! I'll do that one at our district pro d for movement!
    Smiles Linda from Vancouver StrongStart -Grenfell

    1. No problem Linda since I borrowed it too. Enjoy - the children are having so much fun skating on the carpet.