Monday, February 17, 2014

Castles – Block Building

After drawing designs we put them in to practice. 
I borrowed wooden castle toys from the kindergarten
teacher and put them out with some of our wooden
          This is what I observed.
             jan 10 020
       jan 13 012 jan 13 013
jan 13 043 jan 14 023
  jan 15 011 jan 14 012
Castle building started to happen in other parts of the room
with different blocks and toys.
              jan 24 007
 jan 14 018 jan 14 020
By Thursday of last week I got word that big cardboard 
boxes were going to be delivered to the school.  We were 
ready to start to build our large play castle.


  1. These are cool wooden castles. I believe castle made from wooden blocks are the best. They last long and they are not like plastics which are not environment friendly.

    1. I agree Benny. Wood gives more of an authentic feel to building. As well these block castles can be built and rebuilt over and over again.