Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cardboard Train

     Now that the ticket station is open and running we needed a train.
I had a spare box squirrelled away in the storage room that would work.
     IMG_1358 IMG_1359
Building the train took a bit of designing.  We chose where the windows
           and door would be first, drew them then cut them out.
                   But what kind of train would it be?
After playing with several types of trains and reading books we decided
                      that it would be a steam train.
    IMG_1364  IMG_1365
                         A smoke stack was added.
                                 Time to paint.
          I put it to the children what colour they wanted the train
                     and white was the preference.
     One of our favourite activities is getting the paint rollers out
               and painting anything so there was lots of help.
The children used blocks to make the track in front and behind the train.
       Cotton was added for the steam coming out of the stack.
And we had just enough time to make wheels and add tin plates for lights before our morning ended.  I wonder what we will add, if anything, tomorrow?

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