Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A New Fairy Forest

The children continue their interest in fairies but unfortunately we haven't been able to visit Fair Lane because our city parks department has removed it after a complaint.
 IMG_5144 IMG_5210
While discussions continue with the city to rebuild Fairy Lane we decided to explore another forest.
This forest is beside our school which means we can visit it anytime.
              the three wishes
Before heading out to the forest we enjoyed the story of The Three Wishes.  A fairy tale about a poor woodcutter who is given three wishes by a tree fairy. After thinking very hard about the things he would like to wish for, he ends up wasting all his wishes on undoing the damage caused by his other wishes.
We don’t know if fairies live in this forest so I explained to the children that as we walk through the forest they are to choose a tree that they think a fairy might like to live.  Then tie a silver ribbon on a branch and make a wish.
    IMG_1235IMG_1238   IMG_1246IMG_1244
The silver ribbons are hidden on the branches spread throughout this green space.
After some of the children finished tying their ribbon on a branch I noticed one child covering it with leaves and another child collecting sticks.
Tomorrow when the children arrive at school they will find an invitation to create fairy homes using leaves, sticks, pinecones and play dough.
                  book 2
Our library has several of Tracy Kane’s Fairy Houses books that we will use for inspiration.

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