Monday, January 5, 2015

New Sand Structure

Raymond created a new toy for us over the Christmas break.  The inspiration came from KodoKids, the site where we bought the rubber ramp kit.
I had hoped it would be a bit shorter so I could set it on a toddler sized table but since it isn't I placed it in a wading pool on the floor.
   IMG_2248IMG_2249 (2)
It works well on the floor for all the children even our youngest.
It has funnels, scoops, tubes and cups.  The longest tube is see through which the children enjoy watching fill up.
I’m very excited to watch how the children will use their bodies as they explore this new structure.  No one has climbed in yet but I expect it will happen.


  1. Maureen, I cannot tell you how much I like this. (Could you have guessed?) I like the variety in the size of the holes on the top. I also appreciate the fact that it is on the floor. It might be hard for adults, but children have no problem getting on their knees. In fact it encourages a lot more up and down. I am curious, though, how does it stay vertical? I would think it would topple over because the platform is wider than the legs it is standing on.

    1. You are right that I'm not surprised but thanks for commenting.
      I waffled about having it on the floor but really like the accessibility it is offering to everyone (parents pull up a stool or chair) and how the children use their whole bodies to play with the sand.
      The base, that the legs are attached to, is under the sand and it is a bit smaller than the top so makes quite solid.