Friday, February 13, 2015

Farmers’ Show

Today our community hosted a Young Farmers’ Exhibit and we were lucky to
                                get on the tour list.
There were two large buildings with exhibits plus the animals and machinery
                          outside.  Those were our focus.
We arrived on time for our first demo – cow milking - but the cow wasn’t ready so we were directed to the seed planting table.  We planted a bean seed to take
                                     back to school.
Then we met Casey the Cow and learned all about her.  The different parts of her body.  How much she weighs.  How much and what she eats in a day.  And what she likes to do; eat, sleep, drink and be social.
         Finally we saw how she is milked.  She is a very calm cow.
We watched the milk move through the tubing from the suctions to the
big glass jar.  In an average milking she would fill the jar 2/3 full.
         Then we met a few more animals that live on local farms. 
                             A calf that is just a few weeks old.
Donkeys, sheep and goats,
                           a pony and a uniquely coloured cow.
And lastly were the bunnies.  There was a momma and five babies.

After the animals we checked out the tractors.
    Who doesn’t want to sit on a big machine and pretend you’re driving?

                        We had some fun posing for pictures.
                           Picking apples and filling baskets.
And looking for eggs in the chicken coop.  There was a lot more to see but not of interest to the children in our group.  I was very impressed with how organized this event was set up.  We had our own tour guide who led us around and made sure we saw everything that we were interested in.

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