Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Painting Daffodils

This table was waiting for the families to arrive yesterday and by the end of the morning it looked almost the same.  Only two people attempted to draw the flowers.  I’m concluding that pencil crayons weren’t of interest to the children.
This morning I decided to add paints. Using a pill box, that has four compartments, I filled three of them with yellow, green and brown paint.  The interest was almost instant.
It was interesting to watch the children paint, to see what they noticed.  Which colour did they start with?  What lines and shapes did they make? Did they use big, loose strokes or small and controlled?
            I listened as parents encouraged and commented on what they saw.
With a little encouragement some of the grown ups were happy to share the experience and paint too.
                        IMG_4251 (2)
Spring flowers are displayed around our room, brightening it a bit during these foggy days we’ve been having.

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