Monday, May 18, 2015

Waiting for Our Caterpillars

     Our caterpillars were scheduled to arrive at the end of April.      
I set up this simple provocation to peak the children’s interest.  Unfortunately the delivery company failed to deliver the larvae and the company had to resend them.
Since we had to wait a little longer I changed the provocation and replaced the silk leaves with real leaves.  I added single hole punches and encouraged the children to cut holes through the leaves like caterpillars do when they are eating.
                          The children loved this activity.
It is probably the best hole punching activity we have done.  During past activities I noticed that the hole punch was awkward for the children to hold and squeeze but their determination this time, to be like a caterpillar, showed through.
I moved to it to the art table adding yarn so they could thread through
                                     the holes.
Our caterpillars finally arrived and we will add Lupin plants soon so we can
                                    watch them eat.

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