Friday, September 25, 2015

Carrot Play

I bought this book in the spring and wanted to make a garden activity to go with it.
       Spring came and went and I still didn’t get anything created.
Well this fall I pulled out all the materials that I had gathered and finally put it together.  I wrapped florist foam in brown felt leaving a gap down the middle.
I had found these plastic carrots at Dollarama in the candy aisle.  I tried dumping the candy sugar out and just using the empty cases but they became too easy to squeeze and break.  So instead I left them filled and hot glued the tops on.
           And in just a short time I had a carrot garden ready.
The children can harvest and replant the carrots over and over again.  But I wanted something more so I searched on line for a fingerplay about 5 little carrots.
I didn’t find anything that I really liked but a colleague thought up this simple one. 
                        All I had to do was add a bunny.
     The children took it from there and helped the bunny find his lunch.


  1. So cool! Imthink my preschoolers would love this!

  2. great idea. I love making up felt stories and activities from books.

  3. great idea. I love creating activities and felt stories from books. the 2 and 3 year olds in my class love them too.