Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Marmots on Groundhog Day

We spent the morning at our local Visitor's Centre.
They have a wonderful hands on discovery area.
I created a scavenger hunt of items to find in the discovery area.
It worked as a guide because there is so much to see.
I'm just sharing a bit here today.
But what interested me the most was the marmot display
and their burrows.
It's perfect for the children to crawl into.
I brought the stool so they could pop their head out of the top.
We discovered that there are small tunnels connecting both sides.
At one point a child thought he saw a snake inside,
so I crawled in with a flashlight
and discovered it was a wire hanging down.
But that lead us to discover that the burrows are connected.
We practiced, a little, looking for our shadows.

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