Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Airplane Sensory Bin

I found this idea on Facebook and unfortunately didn't save the source.
On the bottom of the bin I taped laminated pictures of our airport
 and our community.
Those were covered with blue coloured salt, white cotton stuffing and plastic planes.
I would recommend offering this sensory bin because the children loved it.
They loved playing with the salt, rubbing it between their hands.
They loved the cotton, covering it with sand then shaking it.
 They loved uncovering the pictures
and covering them up again.

And they loved taking a plane on a flight and landing it.
 There are mountains and a glacier where we live so I made some to add.
After the first morning this is how I found the bin.
Another morning I saw a child using the mountains as containers
for filling and pouring.
Happy flying.

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