Thursday, March 17, 2016

St Patrick's Day in the Forest

We spent the whole morning in the forest.
It was very cool when we started but the sun soon warmed us.

Visiting the Leprechaun Tree.
Searching behind all the doors looking for a Leprechaun 
or his gold.
 Then we found a gold pot behind one of the doors.
 And went searching farther for the gold.
 We put the rocks in the pot and added Magic Vinegar.
It created a wonderful fizz.
Which revealed gold coins.
Our hands were getting cold so I opened up my
cooler bag to show them a surprise.
I brought my bed warmers that I microwaved at home,
wrapped in a towel and put them in the insulated bag.
Oh it felt so good on our hands.
Thanks to Colleen for this idea.
We finished with a snack and story.
Happy St. Patrick's Day.


  1. Solveig & my Mom had a wonderful time this morning. Thank you for all your hard work into making it so special! You had them both mystified by turning rocks into gold coins!

    1. Solveig was awesome at reading the story. I'll post pictures of it today.